Security infrastructure and equipment

New Future has access to an extensive network of international security equipment providers and is fully licensed to provide a full range of security infrastructure and equipment including CCTV and security monitoring Equipment, access control systems, security perimeter protection, detection / screening & safety equipment, training programs & consultancy, All provision of security infrastructure and equipment includes after sales maintenance and service.

Mike Pemberton, General Manager and Director has over 30 years of commercial security experience, of which 14 years have been in corporate roles with international oil companies. His CV is rich with experience in this domain and his last role was North Africa Security Manager for Shell, in this role he was responsible for the Security of Shell’s business and assets across all 5 Maghreb countries as well as Egypt, Jordan and Gabon.

He has extensive crisis management experience and very successfully managed Shell’s in country security response during numerous crises across the North Africa region. He also formulated and managed Shells security strategy in order for Shell to recommence operations post crisis.